34. Timm Quinn - April 2, 2010

Welcome to Podcast Stockton, the real episode 34, featuring Timm Quinn from Leadership Stockton. In this episode:

Jennifer Boylan, from the Community Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, talks to Matt about the upcoming 3rd Annual Health & Vision Fair on Saturday, April 10 from 10 AM to 3 PM. The CCBVI is located at 130 West Flora Street.

Wes's Stockton activities guide. Go to VisitStockton.org to sign up for the weekly events e-mail and follow @Stockton_CA on Twitter and on Facebook.

We're back! Yesterday, we released a special episode in honor of April Fool's Day. Thanks to Gabriel, Devin, and Lowell Tuckerman for their help with this special episode. Check out Gabriel and Devin's podcast, The Single Malt Versus.

Rod has finished the audition video for Smokin' Yankees BBQ in their quest to be on BBQ Pitmasters on TLC. We really want to see them on the show. To help out, please go to the Discovery website and tell them, "I want to see Smokin' Yankees from Stockton on BBQ Pitmasters!" Let's help get them on national TV. The Smokin' Yankees have their new website up and also, check them out on Facebook.

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Andy Pinasco, aka @brewery33, will be making good on his trash bet and will be spending one hour (from 8 AM - 9 AM) picking up garbage at Janet Leigh Plaza. Look for him downtown on Saturday 4/10 or 5/1. We'll be sure to let everyone know exactly which day he chooses. So, join him if you'd like, or just enjoy downtown Stockton and congratulate him when he's done.

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We asked for your ideas for future Questions of the Week? Next week's QOW, courtesy of Amy Farry, is: If you are employed, do you commute, and if so, where to? Call our listener line and leave us a message, send us an e-mail or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Matt interviews Timm Quinn from the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Stockton. Since 1981, over 600 locals have completed the 11 month Leadership Stockton program. The deadline is fast approaching for the 2010-2011 class. Applications must be received by June 18, 2010. Visit Leadership Stockton website and also on Facebook. Since coming into the Outback Studios, Timm has joined the Twitter ranks, follow him @LeadershipStkn

A couple more things: Rod and I will be emcees at the 22nd Annual Earth Day Festival on April 18; vote for Stockton resident, Cheri on Maxim; the Great Stockton Asparagus Dine Out has begun.

Until next time, make it great Stockton!