48. Levi Wells and Clarence Henderson, 83 Seconds - July 16, 2010

Welcome to Podcast Stockton, featuring an interview with Levi Wells and Clarence Henderson from 83 Seconds.

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In this episode:

What's new on the Miracle Mile. Greg Bahr fills in for Rod and fills us in on what's new on the Mile. The Ave and MidTown Creperie have opened. And don't forget, Miracle Mile Night is coming soon. Follow Greg on Twitter @Griffin209 and @MiracleMileNite

Sports update with Lowell Tuckerman

Photo contests sponsored by the Stockton Conference & Visitors Bureau and The Record. Summer is a great time to go out and take some pictures. For tips on getting some great shots we spoke with local photographers Dennis Johnson, Patrick and Kati Giblin, and Manny Montes. Here are some of the shots Patrick mentioned (shopkeeper mopping, Stuff I think is good set, fiddle player). Besides these great photographers, check out Michael Brooking's Flickr and Clifford Oto's blog.

A quick review of Podcast Stockton Live at the Taste of San Joaquin!

What's new on ClosetGoodies.com

An interview with Levi Wells and Clarence Henderson from 83 Seconds. This new social networking (it's not social, it's networking, with a purpose) site is coming soon and Levi and Clarence come into the studio to tell us what it's all about. The two of them are running the company from Stockton, and along with their business partners from southern California, they are looking at making a splash in the online world of social networking.

A few quick things:

Rod and Linda's newest addition, another daughter, is expected to make her arrival any day. The rest of the Podcast Stockton crew is eager for her arrival!

The 2nd Annual Internet Marketing Conference is July 21 from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM at the Stockton Hilton. Tickets are $125. There are only 10 spots left and Mayaco is donating 100% of the proceeds of these final 10 tickets to the St. Joseph's Cancer Center. This year's keynote speaker is Microsoft Executive, Alpa Agarwal.

The Record's editor, Mike Klocke, held a live web chat this afternoon. Besides mentioning Podcast Stockton, Evil Chef Mom and Reclaiming the Title, Mike fielded some great questions from the community.

Until next time, make it great Stockton!