13. Gabriel and Devin from The Single Malt Versus Podcast - September 20, 2009

Welcome to Podcast Stockton, episode number 13. In this episode:

A couple of items from the news: Census office opening and a charity golf tournament 9/28/09.

Listener Comments - messages from Lisa regarding AJ Hohn and from Gabriel from The Single Malt Versus Podcast. Do you have something for the show, leave a message or send a text to 209-565-3229, or send to mail@podcaststockton.com.

Today is the start of Stockton Restaurant Week, check out the website and enjoy some great local restaurants.

An interview with Gabriel and Devin from The Single Malt Versus Podcast. Check out their show TheSingleMaltVersus.com. Follow Gabriel on Twitter and check out the other podcasts he's listening to: SeqalabChicken Pop Pod, Uh Yeah Dude. Follow Devin on Twitter and listen to what else he's listening to: Chicken Pop Pod, A Life Well Wasted and Beyond the Box. Also, follow Kraig and the TSM on Twitter. You can leave a message for their show at 209-878-7687.

A review of Valley Brew. They are located at 157 West Adams Street, right off the Miracle Mile. They can be reached at 209-464-2739.

Until next time, make it great Stockton!