Stockton-Con Podcast

Hopefully, you had a chance to attend last Sunday's Stockton-Con at the Stockton Arena. Mike Millerick and the rest of the Stockton-Con and Stockton Arena teams put on an amazing show. 

Until next year's event, stay up to date on all things Stockton-Con with the Stockton-Con Podcast. Mike Millerick and J.D. Fox continue the conversation even after last weekend's successful event with recent guests such as comic book artists, Tony Fleecs, Tone Rodriguez, and Dan Parsons, and cosplay artist Ivy Doomkitty.

Check out their show at

And here are some great pics and videos to help you re-live Stockton-Con 2.0:

James Vallesteros on Facebook 

The_Con_Fluence Covers video 

The Examiner 


While there has not been a date set for next year's event, it seems certain there will be one.

See you all at next year's Stockton-Con.

Matthew O'Connor as Alien

Matthew O'Connor as Alien