73. Boggs Tract Community Farm - September 30, 2013

First Jobs. Do you remember your first job? Matt and Susan remember theirs.

Matt got his start at Shakey's Pizza, working in the scullery and Susan started her professional life scooping ice cream at Swensen's Ice Cream. Journey back in time and share their first job experiences.  


Boggs Tract Community Farm

Puentes Americas is developing an urban farm and garden in the Boggs Tract area of Stockton. This area is known as a food desert, where residents have no grocery store or fresh food close by. The Boggs Tract Community Farm aims to support local residents with setting up a farmers’ market to generate revenue that will ultimately go towards creating urban farms throughout San Joaquin County. 

Recently, Matt spent some time at the Boggs Tract Community Farm and spoke with Harriet, Marty Segal, Shanna Eller, Eric Firpo, Shayne Zurilgen, and Susan Mora-Loyko.

Stockton Harvest

Join the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for $15 per week ($60 per month) to receive a box of fresh, locally grown produce delivered to your doorstep each week. Becoming a member of the CSA will not only support the farm’s daily operation but provide you with healthy, seasonal foods.

For more information on how you can volunteer, donate or become a member of the CSA program, visit their website at puentes-americas.org

The PUENTES Seeds & Spirits Annual Brunch is Sunday, November 3 from 11 AM to 1 PM. For more information and tickets, please visit eventbrite.com/event/6023659929/ .


French 25

Recently opened in 2013, French 25′s cuisine is inspired by the famed French Quarter neighborhood in New Orleans. 

With Po'Boys, Jambalaya, and Alligator Bites, will Matt and Susan go back? Ouais. (that's a yes!)

Visit them at french-25.com  and at facebook.com/frenchtwentyfive

Music for today's show was "Halfway Gone" by Michael Seymour. Thanks to him for allowing us to use his song. Find him at reverbnation.com/MICHAELSEYMOUR