104. Peter Powers - October 2, 2016

Sharing the positive stories about people in Stockton has long been the goal of Podcast Stockton but we are far from the only ones doing that. Driven by his faith as a Christian and his love for Stockton, Peter Powers started Positive Perspective Stockton magazine two years ago. 

Peter Powers

Peter Powers

Positive Perspective Stockton is a high-quality, full-color magazine that, just as the title suggests, highlights positive people and stories in Stockton. 

Peter's faith, along with his love for Stockton, drives him to publish the magazine, a definite labor of love. Peter is proud to consider his product a faith based magazine but acknowledges that not all of the articles in each edition are specifically Christian. 

Not being content with simply telling the stories of the positive side of Stockton, Peter plays an active role in creating more positive stories himself. He recently partnered with Calvary First Church on The Kelley Project to open Heroes Park, a needed community park on Kelley Drive. 

Positive Perspective Stockton is published 6 times per year and are available free throughout Stockton. In addition to making the print edition available for free, the magazine is also available online.

Hockey is back in Stockton! The Stockton Heat return to the Stockton Arena for their second season. This season they will be introducing a new goal song and they want us fans to help them pick a song. Visit their website before Wednesday to cast your vote!

And the next time you're at a Heat game, look for Podcast Stockton's own "Hot Rod" Villagomez working another season with the between play entertainment crew.