98. Steve Altimari - August 18, 2014

Leading up to Stockton Beer Week, in this episode, Matt and Rod sit down with Steve Altimari, President and Brewmaster of High Water Brewing.


Steve Altimari, President and Brewmaster of High Water Brewing.

Steve Altimari, President and Brewmaster of High Water Brewing.

One of the best things about doing an interview with a brewmaster is, well, the beer. Steve brought some of his beers in to the Outback Studio for us to sample while we talked. 

We opened the show with Hop Riot IPA and then moved on to Hop Logic, Aphotic Imperial Porter, and then ended with High Water's best-selling brew, and a favorite of Matt's, Campfire Stout.

Career Change

Steve started as a home-brewer while working in information technology and then eventually attended America's Brewers Guild at UC Davis before working at Stockton's El Dorado Brewing Company which he eventually bought and turned into Valley Brewing Company. He eventually sold Valley Brew and is now a full-time brewer.

High Water Brewing beers can be found all over Stockton. On the Mile, you can often find a selection at Mile Wine Company and The Abbey Trappist Pub. You can also find High Water bottles at BevMo, S-Mart and even more retailers. 

Learn more about High Water Brewing at highwaterbrewing.com.

Stockton Beer Week is back!

From August 22 - 31, the team at Visit Stockton bring us so many opportunities to celebrate beer in Stockton during Stockton Beer Week. There are great events scheduled from Friday through next weekend. Visit stocktonbeerweek.com for all the details.