09. NBBA World Series - August 5, 2009

Welcome to Podcast Stockton, episode number 9. In this episode:

We're back - It has been more than three months since the last episode. Sometimes, life, family, and the day job just have to take priority. Thanks to all of those that asked where I was!

Restaurant Review - My wife, Dawn, and I recently went to Back Bay, a great place for dinner. They are located on the Miracle Mile at 2301 Pacific Avenue and can be reached at (209) 941-0094.

The 2009 Beep Baseball World Series Comes to Stockton - The Stockton Stingrays helped bring the NBBA event to Stockton where teams from all over the US, as well as one from Taiwan, played. In the end, The West Coast Dawgs came out victorious over the Taiwan Homerun. Podcast Stockton was there to talk to both teams after the game. Also, check out the pictures and videos (Dawgs up to bat, Dawgs cheer, Homerun cheer)

Until next time, make it great Stockton!