96. Tim Viall - June 30, 2014

In this week's episode, Matt interviews Tim Viall. After moving to Stockton 23 years ago to work for the Record, Tim went on to work for the Chamber of Commerce, was the first Executive Director of the Downtown Stockton Alliance, and after 10 years, recently retired as the Executive Director of the Emergency Food Bank.

Busy In Retirement

Tim Viall

Tim Viall

Tim has remained busy in the community, serving as a board member for the Friends of the Fox Classic Movie Series and San Joaquin Bike Coalition. Tim has also completed the University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program

Last year, Tim started a travel blog, Little Places I Know, where he writes about his trips throughout the country. His travel blog is now featured as a Record Community Blog. Tim has also written several pieces that have appeared in the travel section of the Record's Sunday newspaper (his recent article about Redding).

Tim can be reached by e-mail at tviall@msn.com.

Stockton on another list

Stockton is no stranger to lists of all kinds. In fact, Podcast Stockton started, more than 5 years ago, as a response to our city being named to a list that I won't bother naming. Throughout the years, Stockton has appeared on many different lists, most of which are probably just designed to get website views for the companies making the lists. Last week, there was a lot of buzz about Stockton being named home to the country's hottest women