A Tribute to Papa, My Grandfather

Jerome Hilton Bigelow  "Papa" 12/28/1919 - 7/2/1998 papa_

I could not imagine how my life would have been had I not grown to know Papa.  We were never close and he tended to wanted to be left alone.  After he lost his beautiful sail boat in the Bay he eventually moved in with my Mother and Step-Father.  I thought it was weird at first.  Parents coming home to live with their children was something that I heard about but never saw. I got to know Papa during this period.  We would play cribbage, in complete silence.  He did not like chit-chat during this game.  I was taught to play cribbage when I was very young, it was a requirement in my family that you play.  No one ever beat Papa, although Mimi said she would beat him often when they were married but he would never comment. Papa loved his children, grandchildren and really started to get used to being a great-grandfather.  Living in Mom's house for the last several years of his life he was surrounded by the kids of the family. Emily and her cousins got to enjoy his dry sense of humor, something that I am sure they still will always remember. Papa was a true American patriot.  Having served proudly in the armed forces and during two wars, he wore his pride close to his chest but was always willing to share a story. Papa enjoyed playing golf and pool. He was a welder and loved to build things with metal and wood.  When my Father met my Mother, he owned and operated a furniture store and continued to build things until he passed away. When I was a child I was embarrassed to have Jerome as a middle name.  As an adult, I am very proud to have been given his name.

papclown One of Papa's painting. I have this one hanging in my family room where I look at it often and see his eyes.