A Tribute to Derrick Thomas

January 1, 1967 - February 8, 2000Derrick Thomas Linebacker -- #58 -- Kansas City Chiefs


D.T.'s longest recovery for a TD!


Anyone that knows me knows that I am huge KC fan and that Derrick Thomas was one of the largest reasons I followed the Chiefs!  D.T. had one of the most explosive jumps on the line and pursued his target with real vengeance.  Derrick Thomas also maintained his professionalism and was admired by many for how he conducted himself off the field.  This is my small tribute to my favorite football player.

Did you know? Derrick Thomas was the only Kansas City Chief player to have been on the active roster in three different decades?  Derrick Thomas was the only NFL player named as one of President George Bush's 1,000 Points of Light?  Derrick Thomas currently holds the record for single game quarterback sacks?  That's right... D.T. sacked Seattle Seahawk player Dave Krieg 7 times.  K.C. lost that game as Krieg eluded the 8th sack to throw a game winning touchdown.  That record was set on my birthday, Veteran's Day, November 11, 1990, especially meaningful for Derrick Thomas because of his admiration for his father who was killed during a tour of duty in the Vietnam War.  The name of his father's mission...??? Operation:Linebacker-2.

Goodbye #58!