A Tribute to Ty Osborn

A Tribute to Ty "T-BONE" Osborn Ty C. Osborn 10/27/1978 - 1/4/2001


It seems I was still dealing with the shock of losing my Mother when I received the phone call from my Aunt.  I was at home, on the computer, getting ready to go to work.  She said that she was sorry for calling me with bad news but that she just learned that Ty had taken his own life the night before.

Ty was like a little brother to me.  Mike and I would babysit him when he was little (which was no easy task.)  Ty was allergic to everything when he was young.  He had to eat bran cereal with apple juice instead of milk. He couldn't eat candy or drink soda but Mike and I would sometimes sneak him goodies when we would take him to the movies.  In fact, we took him to see E.T. shortly after it opened.

Ty was agenius as far as I was concerned.  At a very young age he was hacking into phone systems and computers.  When he was 9 or 10 he got me into the world of BBS (the true predecessor of the 'net.)  He used to sysop a cool board and would spend time on mine as well.  Wow, it's amazing that we used to think that was so high-tech.

Ty worked at Pac-West Telecomm.  His Mom knew the owner but he didn't get a golden ticket in.  He started there when he about 15 or 16 and when I worked there in the call center.  He started off doing meaningless tasks for the pc techs and cleaning the switch room.  He had moved up quite a bit in the years he was there but I can't think of his title... too high-tech for my brain.

Ty's parents decided on celebrating his life with a ceremony and get-together at Steamboat Slough Beach.  It was a nice gathering and the LaRues were very generous to his parents.

I miss Ty and think about him all the time.  I always thought we would grow old together and he would be the CEO of some company by the time he was 30. He was a good kid and I miss him very much.


If you wish to support a charity in Ty's honor. you can make a donation to: Caring Christmas Tree P.O. Box 95 Linden, CA 95236 This year-round migrant labor support program is something in which Ty and his family has participated for the past 15 years.  Your contribution to this program would mean a lot to the family