Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw

KC_TM2Mike, Shauna, Dawn and I saw Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw in Marysville at the Sac Valley Amphitheatre.  It was a great show with Kenny getting the place really pumped for Tim.  He did "I Wanna Know How Forever Feels" and released about 20 "big orange balls" into the stands.  When the first verse ended, "I wanna know how Jimmy Buffet feels..." he and the band broke out into "Margaritaville" and then continued the song.  The highlight of his show for me was his cover of Billy Joel's"You May Be Right."

Tim McGraw was electrifying!  His show was just as much visual and anything else with huge screens just behind the band that provided some cool backdrops to his tunes.  His show opened with the Elton John classic"Tiny Dancer" which he started singing in the middle of the audience on a barstool and then made his way to the stage walking through  a sea of crazed fans.   Tim did a lot of songs from his new album "Set This Circus Down" and a lot of his classics.  During "Don't Take The Girl" the screen in the back was showing the words to the song so everyone could sing with him (as if there was anyone there that DIDN'T know the words!)  Mark Collie, Kenny Chesney came out and helped Tim finish the show with the last song.  Oh, and in case you were wondering.... there was no Faith Sad