Emily on Piano

Dateline 02.04.02 - StocktonOne of the proudest days of my life was when Emily called me at work to tell me that she wanted to take piano lessons.  As a musician, I never wanted to force my children into music.  Both of my daughters are true music lovers and from a very young age I could always tell that they would grow up to play an instrument.  Well, enter the second proudest day of my life.  Today, Emily said she wanted to play a song for me she "wrote" last night.  My eyes filled with tears of joy when she played her little 4-bar gem.  She even learned to make a chord... WOW !!! ... along with a great little melody.  I am soooo proud of her !!! spkListen to her new song - take one spkListen to her new song - take two spkListen to her and I play our new song

Songs were recorded from across the room, literally, with a cheap computer microphone.