Back to the mountain!  What a perfect day for a ride up here! I met Chuck and Bill for a ride up the back-side of Diablo.  Going up from Walnut Creek seemed harder than starting in Danville... I guess the jury's still out.  I was very happy to climb again less than a week after the SBC ride.  This time I made it to the top with only a short (less than 2 minute) stop at the ranger station.  I felt very good today but was bummed to see Chuck resting on the side of the road with only a couple of miles to the summit.  What a crappy place to pick up a flat... without an extra tube.  When I passed him he just yelled at me to keep going and to catch back up with him on the descent (thanks, Coach!).  I was nervous about "the wall" but made it up just fine, rested and then went to get Chuck.  Well... Chuck's luck kept getting worse.  I gave him my tube and pump... my pump broke and then the tube croaked when Bill CO2'ed it!  So, now we had 1 tube and a 12 canister of CO2 between us... thankfully it worked. Bill made it to the summit (great job, Bill!) eventually we all got down.  What a great ride... thanks guys!