Delta Century 2004

My first Century... what a blast!  When I first started riding 10 months ago I set this date on my calendar as my first Century and it showed up on a great day.  I had always planned on riding it solo but Chuck decided, the day before, to join me. I pulled up to the parking lot at the Mondavi Woodbridge winery at 6:00 am (noticing that the first vehicle in the parking lot was Chuck's), threw my jersey on and headed to the registration tables.  At 6:30 we were on our way. I felt good in the morning and was happy to have Chuck with me... going solo on my first Century would've been boring.  The first rest stop was at New Hope school in New Hope (I never knew this little town existed) at mile 18.

first_1 me and Chuck just before mile 18 first_3 yours truly first_4 I don't recall where this is ... I think leaving Walnut Grove... cell phone lady in the front, Noah, David, me, Chuck, ???, ???

From there we made our way through Thornton, Walnut Grove and Courtland for the lunch break at mile 48.  At mile 66 (and not a moment too soon), there was an unofficial break at the ferry crossing.  I don't think I've ever been on a ferry... certainly not with a bike.  After eating and re-filling the water bottles we headed out to Hood and Clarksburg and back to Walnut Grove for the last rest stop at mile 78. Finally, home stretch!  After riding 80 miles a few weeks prior I was feeling pretty good at this point and knew I was near completion of one of my first year's goals.

We met up with David and Noah from Oakland who were also riding their first Century.  Chuck and I spent a lot the day trading places with this father and son duo.

The views were pristine and the roads sometimes bumpy.  SAG was always around (knock on wood, we had no mechanical problems!)  There were a lot of winding roads that made the ride very enjoyable.

Next Century... Lodi Sunrise Century 5.22.04... see ya on the road!