Half a TB!

We always knew that this day would come... the day that we would need an external hard drive. So, a few months ago we bought a 500 GB Lacie Big Disk. It's hard to believe that the first computer we owned as a family had a 2 GB hard drive (the same size, ironically, as the card in our digital camera) and there weren't a lot of others with a hard drive that big! Needless to say, with our music collection and digital pictures, we could barely survive with the 100 GB on the PowerBook and 80 GB on the PC. What pushed us over the edge was our quest to convert all of our VHS to DV. With 60 video tapes or so there are hours and hours to copy... stay tuned as we will be posting some of the classics. What goes better with a new domain and a new external hard drive? A new host! Our new site is hosted and registered by GoDaddy.com. Their prices can't be beat and their service is amazing... they have 24x7 live phone tech support and service... wow... what hosting company does that.

The new hard drive has also given me the chance to re-organize all of our photos (Dawn's going through all of our photo albums and boxes of pictures). Sometimes a picture jumps out and slaps you in the face... like this one... any guesses where and when it was taken? Let us know by clicking on the 'Comments' link below. Gas for under a buck?!?! Wow!


... plus, new pics of Emily, Makenzy, Chris, Rachel, Elizabeth, Pamela, Kenny, Maryssa, Mike, Shauna, Tony and Christina and even Pong Master Bruce and his family added to the 2006 pics page!