Emily's Arm

In case you didn't hear, Emily broke her arm a week or so ago. While she was in the back yard she was walking across this plastic slide when she slipped and landed on her right forearm. arm2

She broke the same bone (opposite arm) that she did 7 years ago, almost to the day! XRays taken that evening show that the break was not "clean" and a shard of bone still lodged in her muscle.


The next day... off to get a cast!


After the doc tries to set the bone he puts a cast on and then takes another xray... only to show that the bone didn't move at all!


The next day, Emily gets admitted into the hospital so they can set (complete the break) the bone and recast it.


Afterward, they take another xray.. now it looks straight.


Unfortunately, the timing means she is going to miss out on some swimming, basketball and cycling but all in all, she's doing very well. Thanks to all the well-wishers that have been stopping by and calling!