The Tech Museum

What a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than to cruise up to San Jose to check out the Tech Museum. We wanted to see the IMAX movie on the Tour de France but there was only one showing early in the day. We spent 15 minutes outside checking out the huge pool ball kinetic exhibit. It was such a challenge to follow a single ball all the way through the high tech maze of ramps, pulleys and loops.Picture 8

There was a lot of incredible things to do and see and an easy place to get lost for a few hours. One of my favorites was the planetary exhibit... the girls really liked it too. Picture 7

Mik, KW, Twon, JR - check out this video (64 MB). reeeb blocks (also videos of 'emily' and 'makenzy', 36 & 24 MB)

Of course... you can check out pics of our trip to The Tech here.