The 1 Mile Challenge

Although I have ridden thousands of miles on a bicycle over the past few years, and don't even bat an eye lash at doing a hundred miles in a day, I have long thought that running was out of the question. That was, until recently, when Emily challenged me to a 1-mile race. I was pretty sure I could beat her... just as sure as she was she could beat me. So, today, we went out to her school for 3 laps around the field. Picture 8 We went over what the course was, did a little bit of last minute smack talking, stretched and then headed out. When I asked asked her what the course was she smiled and just said, "Don't worry Dad... just follow me."

Picture 7 Here is a shot as we end the first of three laps and this is pretty much the way the whole run went... me trailing Emily and looking as if I might just die!

Picture 5 ... and of course, my very athletic, very proud daughter beat me in my first attempt at running in probably 15 years. I did actually finish the mile... 31 seconds behind her. Great job Emily!