Macworld is Almost Here


Macworld Conference & Expo is next week and Mike and I will be there on Thursday!

We have all been inundated with rumors of the iPhone and an early release of Leopard; iTV seems to be a no-brainer, as does a re-vamped iLife / iWork.

Here are my predictions (ok, some of them are merely hopes) for Tuesday's keynote presentation:

1. There will be no iPhone (although Jobs will make jokes about it). 2. Leopard will be released earlier than originally announced. 3. iWeb will be completely re-vamped to integrate one-touch publishing for hosting services other than dot-mac. It will also finally give us a simple file management system and easy editing of css attributes. 4. iTV will be the grandest announcement at the event as it will contain many more features than we were led to believe. 5. Mac Spreadsheet will be lame. 6. The 100 GB iPod will be finally come out, the next version will be WiFi and Bluetooth. 7. dot-Mac will be upgraded with increased storage space and iCalendar sharing improvements. 8. A mammoth 42 inch iMac is released.

Maybe, just maybe, there will be some other updates as well:

lisa2macxl-2a new lisa?

newtonmessagepad a new Newton?

There you go. Enjoy Macworld!