Weird Al Concert

I am not the only Weird Al fan in our family. Yes, Dawn and the girls were all very supportive when I told them we were going to the fair tonight to see Weird Al Yankovic in concert! The girls actually know a lot of his music and had a blast at the show. The odd thing was that I didn't realize (or remember) that he was playing our local fair this year... a little ironic since I just posted the Weird Al is a Geek entry.

Picture 3

The concert went from a little after 8:30 until just before 11:00 and was filled with a lot our favorites. Here's the set list:

Polkarama Canadian Idiot Drum Solo Close, But No Cigar Why Does This Always Happen To Me Jessica Simpson - Al TV interview It's All About the Pentiums Mariah Carey - Al TV interview Celine Dion - Al TV interview You're Pitiful Madonna - Al TV interview Steven Tyler - Al TV interview Wanna Be Your Lover (he came out and did this one in the audience) Eminem - Al TV interview Medley: Couch Potato / Do I Creep You Out / I'm In Love With The Skipper / Headline News / Confessions, Part 3 / A Complicated Song / EBay / Bedrock Anthem / Ode to a Superhero / Pretty Fly for a Rabbi / Trapped in the Drive Thru / Radio Time / Gump / Eat It Keith Richard - Al TV interview I'll Sue Ya Paul McCartney - Al TV interview The Saga Begins Yoda Cher - Al TV interview Justin Timberlake - Al TV interview Weasel Stomping Day (video) Smells Like Nirvana Avril Lavigne - Al TV interview Homer and Marge video Amish Paradise K-Fed - Al TV interview White and Nerdy Fat

Encore: Cell Phones Albuquerque

His costume changes, as well as the band's) made the show really entertaining. We all had a great time!

Check out the pictures on Flickr, not the greatest of pics, but that's to be expected with me and concerts.