Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us! Lucky #13... yippee! Last night, Dawn and I went to downtown Stockton to have dinner and catch a movie. Recently, the city of Stockton put out the call for street performers. I wasn't sure how that would work until last night when we saw a great mime performance. This guy was very talented and got a lot of attention. The downtown plaza is a cool place and having performers like that really enhances the environment. Check out Mime Video 1Mime Video 2

Picture 1

We also watched a local punk-turned-bluegrass band, Lonesome Valley Shiners, perform a couple of songs as participants in the Music in the Square. They started late, a little after 7:30, which made for some not so happy people in the audience. Right before they went on, a volunteer downtown guide gave the band 5 minutes to start playing or they'd have to leave. The music was great; I can't wait to see what other acts are playing for the rest of the summer. Hey, I've got an idea, get The Grape down there!

After the entertainment we saw I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry... very, very funny!

Check out pics here.