Pumpkin Maze

Another year, another trip to the Del'Osso Family Farms Pumpkin Maze. I know... it's really a corn maze, but they call it a pumpkin maze. Mike, Shauna, Chris, Rachel, Maryssa, Shawn, Shawn jr, Natalie, Megen, Ken, KC, Jim, Junior, and Melissa joined Dawn and I and the girls for a trek through the maze. Dawn, Melissa, Emily, Shauna, Maryssa and Makenzy got out in just about 20 minutes while it took the rest of us just under an hour to find our way out. The maze seemed trickier this year - with a perimeter maze and one through the center. There were also three "bridges" which let us see over the top of the 20 acre field (not that it helped much as all I saw was corn!). Maryssa and Emily get quite a scare...

The haunted house was a lot better this year as they only let in small groups at a time. It kept the entrance completely dark and added to the fright. There were also a couple of new twists in the house this year, one of my favorites being the bathroom scene. Both times we went through in the afternoon, we had to physically push Emily and Maryssa through that part. Let's just say it was reminiscent of the Saw movies. Dawn and Emily went back in the evening for another walk through the haunted house and said they changed it up a little from earlier in the day.

Check out our pics here.