My First Solo Century

This coming July will mark my fifth year riding. When I looked at how many miles I had in late December I realized I was almost at 8,000 (yes, I log every ride). Looking at nearly 8,000 miles in four and a half years was a painful reminder that I have spent too much time off the saddle. Given that I rode 3,000 miles in my first year, I should be closer to 10,000 miles. With 2,200 miles to go, that became my newest riding goal - hit 10,000 miles by my fifth anniversary in July. In order to do that I would need to ride at a rate higher than I ever have. With 100 miles already logged this week I left this morning a little after 10 intent to set a new weekly record. I left with every intent of riding my first solo century. I have ridden several local centuries and even joined some friends for an unorganized century or two but have never ventured out on my own for a 100 mile ride.

I headed south to Tracy and of course was met with the nasty wind that makes riding the flats out here feel like climbing. In this picture, I'm headed south on Tracy Boulevard, taking advantage of a cross tail wind. Easily staying at about 20 MPH with a cadence of 90. IMG_0564

I had a nice tail wind through Banta and out Kasson Road easily holding 25 for the whole 7.5 miles to Airport Way. That's when I hit the head wind and nasty cross wind. I would have it all the way home, except for the short parts through the Weston Ranch and Brookside loops.

This was my most productive week, 200 miles, and so far this month (8 days into it) I have more miles than any of the last 17 months.

Check out the rest of the pictures from today's ride here.