Happy 4th of July

Dawn's cupcake creation

Happy Independence Day! To start the holiday I met Mike and Harold for the annual 4th of July Linden ride. It was perfect weather, not hot at all and just a little wind. Once we got back to Lodi I headed home for a quick pit stop before riding out to Manteca. After 80 miles I couldn’t wait to jump in pool!

The kids swam most of the day while I repeatedly got my butt kicked in ping pong (well, except for the game I played against Bruce). After some hackey sack and then a great dinner of hot dogs, beer brats and hot links we drove to watch the fireworks. Even though we were only a mile or so away from the Field of Dreams, the fireworks were a dud, too low to really see so we went back and blew up the arsenal we bought from the local fireworks stand earlier in the day.

Shortly after 11 PM, I jumped back on my bike for the 23 mile ride back home. Ok, I didn’t really ride home last night, but everything else really happened!

Check out the pictures here.