Stockton Ports vs. Visalia Oaks

So, how did we spend the last night of my wonderful vacation?Picture 27 Watching the Stockton Ports beat the Visalia Oaks. We sat in the AARP section (and it was senior citizen night) and met two great couples. One of the men is a retired ObGyn doctor who spent 40 years delivering babies in Stockton... how cool is that!

The game was great, with the Ports taking a 4-0 lead off a pair of two-run homers in the first inning. Just before the the first one, a couple out on a date were asked to pick a player that they thought would hit a double. If that player hit one she would get a bouquet of roses. The young man picked Chris Carter and then got down on his knees and proposed to his girlfriend, whom he met exactly five years ago, at a Ports game! She said yes and everyone applauded. Just a short time later, Carter got up and with two outs, belted a homer to put the Ports up 2-0.

Early in the game, a foul ball came flying toward our section, hit a young boy in the head, bounced and hit a woman in the head and then flew right over me. I got my hand on it but it fell behind me. I couldn’t get over the fact that the ball bounced twice and still flew from about the middle of section 119, about row 5 all the way to section 118, row 10!

The Ports beat the Oaks 4-2 and will face the Oaks again tomorrow. Dawn and the girls will be at that game as well... maybe they’ll do a better job holding on to a ball than I did.

Check out the pics here.