Manager Tools Conference

Last week I had the privilege of joining the Manager Tools Effective Manager Conference as an associate of Manager Tools. As a long-time listener and premium member since day one, I was honored that Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne gave me the nod to working with them in San Francisco. After their first conference last year I considered it the most valuable conference I have ever attended. This time, as part of the Manager Tools team for two days, it was absolutely the highlight of my professional life.

My role was to interject with my thoughts as Mark, Mike and Michael presented on effectively using one on ones, feedback, coaching and delegation. It was my goal to talk about the successes and challenges I’ve had in, and after, the implementation of one on ones, feedback, coaching and delegation. Just the same as last April, the conference was high energy with over 100 other managers who were all passionate about becoming better. At no other conference have I ever seen attendees stay for two hours after the formal close of the conference, digesting more content.

I met a lot of other very talented managers from all parts of the US (and beyond) and from very diverse backgrounds. I found it refreshing that other managers at all levels struggle with the same things I’ve struggled with. Interacting with the attendees was very rewarding. I felt like a million bucks when some of the attendees told me after the close that they appreciated my insight and contributions to the conference. I share Mark and Mike’s passion for the powers of good management and was thrilled to share the stage with them on the subject. Mark has said before that good managers can change the world. I couldn’t agree more. Management is about people and good management has to come from love. Mark and Mike acknowledge that there are not a lot of other management consultants that talk about love as the basis for good management. This is one of the things that makes them different.

Mark, Mike and Michael did an amazing job throughout the two days and I learned a lot about presenting from them. Again, it was a great honor to play in their very large sandbox for a couple of days.

Thank you to my friends, Steve Holden and Rich Ruh for blazing the trail and helping me prepare. Mark, Mike, Michael, Kate and Maggie - thank you for allowing me this awesome opportunity.

When I was a teenager I wanted to be a rock star and dreamed of being on-stage, playing rhythm guitar, with some of my favorite bands. Now that I’ve grown up, I aim to be a better person and better manager, more than a rock star. Rock stars have been replaced by great leaders. Dream fulfilled.

For some time I referred to Mark and Mike as being the greatest management theorists of today but, after spending more time with them I am reminded they are not theorists at all. They don’t talk about theory, they talk about what you can do today to be a more effective manager. If you are a manager (or hope to be in the future) you owe it to yourself to subscribe to Manager Tools.