Stockton Blogger Meet-up


Tonight, The Record hosted a blogger meet-up at Valley Brew, right off the beautiful Miracle Mile. With “We’re bloggers. You’re bloggers. Isn’t it about time we meet face to face?” as the only introduction to the event, I signed up to attend.

For a first-time event there was a good turnout: Tara Cuslidge, Kirk Barron, Ian HillSean PolayDavid SidersBill Ries-KnightWes RheaPatrick GiblinHilary ShepherdJohn Sterni, Record Publisher Roger Coover, and others. Some I had already met while with others, it was an awesome chance to put a face and voice to the blogs and tweets. We had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Coover and Mr. Polay, Product Manager of Distributed Media at Dow Jones, the parent company of The Record, about the future of blogging and social media at The Record. It was refreshing to hear that the paper is taking the local blogger community seriously. We heard about some new things the team at The Record are considering to tap into the draw of local bloggers. Above all, it was a wonderful opportunity to geek out with fellow bloggers and tweeters.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next meet-up! It’s also pretty apparent that we have more than enough of an appetite for a Tweetup... which I’m sure is coming soon.