Avenue of the Vines

After just a couple of weeks since the Pleasanton half-marathon, I ran another one one Sunday, the Avenue of the Vines. This race started at Woodbridge Winery in Acampo. Interestingly, the same starting location as my first century almost 10 years ago.

We got started about 20 minutes late. There had been an accident on highway 99 and the race organizers were kind enough to delay the start so everyone could get there.

The course wasn't very interesting and there was very little shade. There were a lot of very friendly volunteers and a great turnout.



Not my favorite of the races I've done so far but still a fun race.

EDA_7216 9A2X0756 IMG_3990

I still didn't reach my goal of a sub-2 hour half-marathon. In fact, it was my slowest half-marathons of the 4 I have done. At 2:09, I am just glad I finished. I know that sounds cliché but there were a few miles during the race when I thought there was no way I'd be able to finish the 13 miles.

At around mile 10, Ken came riding his bike down the road... he took this shot. Thanks to Ken, Kenny, Megen, Dawn and Mak for being there at the finish.