Joe The Plumber

Although our family website is not the place to discuss our political views, I did want to comment on tonight’s final Presidential debate. I watched the entire debate, just as I did the last two and the VP debate. The winner of this final debate? Joe the Plumber, of course! Here’s the video:

And here’s what some on Twitter are saying about Joe the Plumber:

Stockton's Gas Prices

Stockton, the city that recently topped the rest of the nation with the highest foreclosure rates, is now atop another list. The Record ran a story today about gas prices. I know, that is not a big deal. What caught my eye was that Stockton has the highestprices in the nationwide survey.

Actually, this did not surprise me. Every morning, on the news, I hear the national, state and Sacramento area averages, which are always lower than what I see in Stockton. Yikes, maybe I should start riding my bike to work more often.

So, what am I doing to save gas? For starters, since I commute over 100 miles per day, I am trying to not drive at all on the weekend, unless I absolutely have to. For normal errands, I will either ride my bike, walk, or wait until I going to or from work. Besides that, I have been driving slower on the freeway. By driving the speed limit (which often requires me to stay in the right lane) I am getting a 10% bump in my MPG.

Wow, a 74 cent increase from 4/9/08 to 6/2/08 (in Tracy and Lathrop, respectively... I try to not buy gas in Stockton). 2401074088_2facf43d182547350572_a61966fe26

Check out my other gas price pics on Flickr.

(story also appeared here on MSNBC)