Twin Disclaimer

Rockin' out - Folsom ABCT 2002

If you are not a twin, please do not ask me what it is like to be a twin... that is the same as me asking you what it is like to notbe a twin.  I do not know what it is like... it is just how it is.  The next time you see a twin, don't ask that question.

Just in case you don't know this already, identical twins are not genetic and are caused when one cell is split into two.  The term, identical, as it relates to twins, does not refer to our appearance.  Our similar appearance is a natural by-product of being twins.  Also, since it is not genetic, we have no more chance of fathering twins than non-twins.

No. Mike and I have never tricked girlfriends or wives.  Although, there was one time, years ago, when I just met Dawn, that Mike and went into the men's room at Pizza Hut, changed clothes and then I went and asked Dawn's friend, April, if Dawn liked Matt.  She didn't know right away and gave me the confidence to go after (and some say stalk) Dawn.  You may think that we look so much alike that no one could possibly figure us out however, people we are intimate with can usually tell the difference.

Of course our parents could tell us apart... after all, they have known us a long time.  That is also a stupid question.  If one of our parents called us by the wrong name is was because there were so many kids it was hard to tell.  For years, I thought my name was really MikeKenJrLanceMatt.

Mike could not dress like me and walk into my work and convince people he was me.  He would have no idea where the TPS reports went.  (Let me know if you get that one)

We are not a freak show, but if you want us to entertain you we certainly have several tricks up our sleeves.

Never, ever, under any circumstance, with any cause or not, regardless of manpower, resource or weaponry, pick a fight with a twin.  This goes for almost any twin!  You get in my face, you'll have two twins in yours quicker than you can rub your eyes to do a double-take.    That might not be fair, but that's the way it is.  Mike is my best friend and my brother, and my Mom always told me that I was my brother's keeper.

Yes, we do have "twin power"... I do not know how to explain it, we just do.

To set the record straight, Mike is the older one... by two minutes.





My womb mate ~ at 60!