And All I Have To Do Is.... Act Naturally

Today started as any other March 25th would start... crank up the Elton John tunes! In case you didn't know this about me, I am a huge Elton fan. Today is Sir Elton's birthday (and Aretha Franklin's and Danika Patrick's)... which means I will listen to Elton music for most of the day. Picture 4

I can't bring up my taste in music without mentioning that I am also a huge honky-tonk and classic country fan (the Possum reigns!) and have been a crazy Kiss fan since I was very young.

Picture 3

Today also brings sad news in the music world. Buck Owens passed away at his home in Bakersfield this morning. Bakersfield, as a city, has a crappy reputation up here in Nor Cal, but as a "sound", Bakersfield is awesome! Dawn and I actually got to sing Happy Birthday to Buck years ago. Well actually, Dawn and I and thousands of others at a Garth Brooks concert. It was a few days after Buck's birthday and Garth asked everyone to be quiet while he called him from a cell phone on stage. Then, 17,000 of us joined Garth and his band in wishing Buck a happy birthday. What a great memory!

Sir Elton, Happy Birthday!

Long live Bakersfield!