The Grape & Lita Hope

Last night, we went with Mike and Shauna to see The Grape play at this year's kick-off Bowl Jam at Pacific Bowl. After having watched The Grape play at The Blackwater for so long, it was nice to see them play in a place where they had some room to move around. Tom, the founding member and song writer of The Grape, on guitar, Ted on bass, Ralph on drums and Jady on vocals, played for 45 minutes before taking a break. An "administrative error" prevented the headliner from playing so The Grape played a second set before giving the stage up to Lita Hope for a rocking 45 minute set. Lita Hope and The Grape share a drummer and Ted and Tom were kind enough to let Lita and the others play their set on their equipment. This was the first time we'd seen Lita Hope perform and were quite impressed. Check out the pics from the show. 2562788368_19a9142b6f