The Modesto Half Marathon

I ran my second half-marathon last weekend, the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon. The course started in downtown Modesto and went through a residential area before heading out west of highway 99. The weather was perfect and there were a lot of runners; well, considerably more than I experienced in Galt in February!

I got to see Tyre Girl in action, who runs marathons dragging a tire behind her to raise awareness about recycling. (read her post about the SAMM here)

The course, wasn't bad at all until the last few miles, on the straight and very boring return back. After the full marathon split-off the mile markers were off a bit, and many of the runners (including myself) looked a little confused at every mile marker. I didn't mind though... it added about a half mile to my run.


There was Gatorade, not just water, at many of the water stations, and for the last few miles they were handing out Gu (thank goodness!).



My official time was 2:04:05. A little slower than the Tiny Half, but since that course was a little short and this one a little long, I was pleased with the result. Within a couple of minutes of crossing the finish line I received an e-mail congratulating me on finishing and reporting my official time. I was in a lot of pain when I finished. Both of my IT bands were killing me and it took quite a while for me to walk through to the end of the finishing line (or whatever that thing is called).

Like at my first race, it was great to have Dawn and Makenzy there with me. Maybe they'll get tired of coming out to cheer me on (at the start and finish) but I hope they never do, it's nice having someone at the end!


The volunteers were great and the course was fun. There was plenty to do after the race, too. I'm looking forward to doing it again next year.