Mud on the Farm, Revisited

Today, Ken and I ran the Mud on the Farm Mud Run at Dell'Osso Farms. For me, it was a return to the place where my running life began. Before last September's Mud on the Farm, I had ran in a few 5k races but would certainly not have considered myself a runner. mudonthefarm2013

I barely survived last year's mud run and it motivated me to start running. Just to be sure I'd keep it up, and because my (11 year) older brother did the same, I also signed up for the Tahoe Tough Mudder in July 2013.

So, this time was great, except for the fact that Makenzy got sick and couldn't run it with me.

There were a couple of new obstacles and there weren't a lot of people in our wave so there weren't the delays at some of the obstacles like last year.

And how did we do?

Well, we both did a lot better than last year's event.

And Ken took 3rd place for his age group! And since he did a hard face plant in the mud at the very end, he earned some time with the medics. Thankfully, he was able to open his eyes an hour or so after finishing the race.

Looking forward to the Tahoe Tough Mudder!

Check out the pics here.