Goodbye Sashi Noir

Our beloved dog, Sashi Noir, passed away on Friday. Our hearts have broken. She got sick on Tuesday and, after a trip to the vet, it seemed like she'd be sick for a couple of days and then come out of it. She did not. On Friday, she passed away. She left us knowing she was loved, I'm sure of it.

Sashi joined our family when she was just two months old. She was tiny and full of energy. She quickly got big and always had more energy than a dog of her size should. She behaved daintily as often as she acted like a big girl. She was a great protector and liked to play, especially hide-and-seek and basketball. I will always miss her excitement when I'd come home from work.




There may be more dogs in our lives, but there will never be another quite like you, girl.


Sashi Noir 04/04/04 - 04/12/13